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Illegal Immigration in the United States Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Illegal Immigration in the United States - Essay Example In order to overcome the problem of illegal immigration and end the suffering that these people go through, it is crucial to come up with legal and lawful solutions that cater for the needs of both the citizens and the immigrants themselves. The biggest cause of illegal immigration into the country reflects at harsh legislation passed into law in the mid 1990s. This law changed the immigration policy by placing immigrants, regardless of their status, at the mercy of the government where they are eligible for mandatory detention without the possibility of presenting their cases to a judge in an attempt to be released from custody (National Immigration Forum). Aside from the provisions of the said law, chances of one being branded as an illegal immigrant are close to none as it is discriminative, and should be among the cases to be reformed in order to cut back on the number of illegal immigrants. This is does not mean that illegal immigration should be encouraged, but laws such as thi s are chief contributors to the case. Moreover, in order to counter the problem of illegal immigrants there exist a need for a strict rules that ensure legal immigration is followed and cuts back on incidences of illegalities. This is against all those people who campaign for lower regulations affecting immigration. To them, implementation of immigration policies should be legally binding and contractual arrangements between the local population and incoming immigrant. This is in an attempt to cut back on illegal immigration into the country and promote the law. In addition, the here exists the argument that having laws immigration curtails on the human right concerning mobility (Hall et al 201). Furthermore, rather than blocking immigration into the country as proposed by liberals, it is crucial to have a form of a framework that caters for the role that immigration plays for citizens. The opposition is based on then regularly increasing numbers of immigrants, both legal and illega l (Hall et al 202). In order to break the standoff between those that are for proper immigration laws and those against the whole concept of immigration, there exist a number of issues at hand. These include individual differences in terms of the immigration status of the person in question. In this case, the status of a single immigrant being illegal does not speak for all immigrants to be illegal. This significant misconception works as a hindrance towards legal immigration. There is also the issue of immigrants who work against fellow immigrants, also known as anti-immigrant immigrants. These are born from the misconception that the original immigrants are superior to those that come after them (Hall et al 202). In the process o curbing illegal immigration there are challenges that lies on the issue of law enforcement and what is expected to enforce federal law. Despite the problem caused by the mid 1990s law, strict laws should be enforced in order to deter and control the influ x of illegal immigrants in the country. These include the law that allows the attorney general to enter agreements with state officers, hence, in order to for the officers to work, as immigration officers or rather execute the functions of an immigration officer (Hawley 28). Through such laws, there has been a downward trend due to regular deportation exercises, and thus there should be more of such. In addition, raids conducted in areas

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